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the Life you want is fueled by your Ability to become more intentional
The Intentional Day is Proven guide For Anyone Who Wants To Live A More Intentional Life
The Intentional Day - A Proven Guide for Intentional Growth is a quarterly goals and habits journal that guides you to be more intentional with your life, business, or team.

This book is specifically designed for people who desire to live a more intentional life and want a system to follow.
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The Four Stages of Intentional Growth

Based upon neuroscience, psychology, and proven methods for intentional growth, we developed the Four Stages of Intentional Growth that will guide you to live a more intentional life.

Stage 1: Dreaming & Visualization

In order to know where you want to go, you must pause and dream about the life you actually want to live. Knowing what you want and where you want to go will dramatically change your perspective and view of your goals. In fact, dreaming - or what psychologists call visualization - improves the neural connections in your brain to help begin the path to achieve those dreams.

Stage 2: Setting Yearly Goals

Only 8% of people achieve their goals each year ... 8%! Ninety-two percent fail. Goal setting fails because it focuses solely on the outcome. And yet we keep telling people to set 'SMART' goals. Amy Cuddy, a Harvard social psychologist and professor concluded, “Research is showing us that we do much better [with setting goals] when we focus on incremental change, little bits of improvement, instead of focusing on the outcome.” In The Intentional Day, you will set your yearly and quarterly goals but in a way that intentionally focuses on the daily disciplines that you will need to develop and accomplish your goal. 

Stage 3: Creating Daily Disciplines

A Daily Discipline is a behavior or action that’s wired into our brain. It’s one we perform semi-automatically that propels us towards the person we desire to become. 

In the context of The Intentional Day, a Daily Discipline is an intentional habit developed around one of the goals you set in this book. This is the key that unlocks the ultimate success of the Intentional Growth Model™.

Stage 4: Establishing Growth Partners

It's been proven that people only have a 65% chance of achieving a goal when they just commit to meeting with another person. But when they schedule and commit to recurring conversations about the progress of their goals, the percentage jumps from 65% to 95%. 

Establishing a Growth Partner, which is a friend, peer, or colleague that does The Intentional Day with you, is the final factor that takes your chances of success from 8% to 95%!

The Intentional Day Includes:

  • Explanation of the Neuroscience and Psychology of Intentional Growth  
  • Yearly and Quarterly Reflection Questions
  • Yearly Goal Setting Guide
  • 20 Weeks of Daily Disciplines Tracking Sheets
  • ​Weekly Reviews of Wins, Losses, and Learnings
  • Three Monthly Recaps
  • ​Undated (Start Anytime)
  • ​Hardcover Binding
  • ​Easily Portable (5.5"x8.5")
  • ​170 Pages
  • ​Ribbon Marker
What People Are Saying:
“The most effective tools are often the simple ones. The practical daily disciples reinforced in The Intentional Day make this new tool an instant classic. It’s an immediate must-have for those seeking to simultaneously improve the diversity and focus of their life goals. As a husband, father, community volunteer, and C-Level executive, my life is better because of this effective, simple tool.”
Doug Day
Chief Marketing Officer
“I started this journey in hopes to become a better owner. But with Ryan Bennett’s holistic approach and his belief that personal growth impacts professional growth, not only have I seen a greater level of effectiveness in the workplace (ie sales, staff retention, etc) but also a growth personally seen in my emotional and mental health and capacity. This process has been nothing short of a “game changer” and I plan to implement this process as a core practice in my business, starting with the leadership. Highly recommend."
Keeyoung Kim
Owner, Sura Eats
"The Intentional Day has drastically changed the way I look at goal creation, implementation, completion, and evaluation. It’s been so effective, that on average I’ve been meeting and exceeding my goals in half the time I anticipated just by utilizing what is so clearly laid out in The Intentional Day book. I highly recommend The Intentional Day to anyone who is serious about growing themselves to get better everyday."
Jeff Hanson
Owner, 42 Plus Investments

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